What a farce sport, and especially rugby is in South Africa.

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    Сергей Быков

    What a farce sport, and especially rugby is in South Africa. It’s become de rigeur for the flat nosed, slope-headed ANC baboons to dredge up the ‘Springbok emblem’ saga at least once a year. Since SA capitulated to the Marxist terrorist gang currently in government, everything and anything dear to White South Africans has been trampled and pissed upon by these vengeful, envious and spiteful race of lowlife apes. Our heroes, our culture, our symbols — everything which represents White achievement (and thus by extension — black inferiority) has been destroyed.

    Except for the Springbok rugby emblem. Prior to 1994, all national teams aspired to «Springbok colours» which was the highest sporting honour one could hope to obtain. Since we morphed into the banana republic of Arsezania, all national teams dropped the Springbok as symbol, and became «Proteas». The Springbok was a symbol of oppression and evil White supremacy, and every time a shit skin gazed upon this terrible symbol, he/she dissolved in a pathetic heap of victimhood. The green & gold emblazoned visage of a prancing antelope is to your garden variety bush bunny coon the equivalent emotional distress say of Cohen or Shapiro gazing upon the swastika.

    Jungle bunny Butana Kompela, ANC apparatchik who ten years ago worked in my garden and is now occupying some lofty but completely meaningless position as government sports interferer insists that the Springbok is a symbol of racist White supremacy — his actual words to the sports minister were: «Minister, I want you to observe the arrogance of white people on the Springbok emblem».

    Consider this unbelievable, hateful statement of this dumb worthless idiot in context to the last year in SA sport — the (black) soccer team is the world’s laughing stock. Our Olympic team plumbed the depths of incompetence and redefined the unbelievably low levels these hapless clowns could possibly plunge to. The ONLY team who managed to pull off a magnificent victory is now excoriated, slandered and victimised — for their excellence and brilliant achievement. What’s different about this team, you wonder? Well, they are mostly WHITE. If anything, this really goes to show the heart and soul of the communist AfroNazi spirit — envious, spiteful, resentful losers who can only destroy, break and fuck up.

    Only two major national teams are exempt from wearing a faggotty bloody flower as emblem — the predominantly black national disgrace masquerading as a soccer team, who has no discernible identity except for the «Bafana Bafana / Banana Banana» appellation, and excels in constantly plummeting to new lows in international rankings (85’th position as of last week) and The mainly White Springbok rugby team, who in spite of incredible odds & ANC hostility (the banana-munching regime boons even threatened to withhold passports to travel to France, because there were «too many White players» won the World Cup last year. Tarboy Mbeggi inveigled his worthless black arse into the proceedings by sneaking onto the field and was joyfully held aloft by the black arse-kissing players, who were later seen preening around that old terrorist Nelson Mandela holding their fists aloft in a sickening black power salute to their own demise.

    Victorious coach Jake White, who had to suffer endless harassment, interference and impediments created by the vicious, petty, small-minded White-hating regime chiefs was even bullied into including race traitor white boy Luke Watson into the national team. Watson’s ONLY claim to fame is that his cheeky daddy had a big mouth, hated Apartheid and so loved the boons that he would have sacrificed His Only Beloved Son for them. Which he did. Except that sonny boy Luke is a piss-poor underachiever and rank amateur — a joke and a massive liability for any team to have around as anything but a dirty jock collector and beer gopher. So Jake White told Watson to fuck off, and managed to win the World Cup.

    Amidst all the latest brou-haha of retaining / banning the Springbok emblem, comes the Watson wanker and tells all of his desire to do a flag-burning equivalent of «kotching on the Springbok rugby jersey» and mouthing off over «those fucking dutchmen who run SA rugby».

    I personally wish that the death of the Springboks is hastened. Not only is the issue of the Bok symbol hauled out of the cupboard EVERY year to club & beat Whitey into submission, it is also a tool with which to distract Whites while their gooses are being cooked for them. The sooner we quit screwing around watching sports matches, and focus instead on the genocide being perpetrated upon us, the better. But I fear it is too late in any case.

    Johannesburg — The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has greeted with shock statements attributed to Luke Watson regarding South African rugby, his Springbok teammates and the national jersey.

    SARU has called an urgent meeting on Monday to determine the accuracy of the reports with Western Province, the player’s contracting union, and the University of Cape Town Rugby Club, where the statements were said to have been made.

    SA Rugby’s manager of national teams and acting managing director, Andy Marinos said that if the reports were accurate, it was a very serious matter.

    He said: “We can’t pre-judge the matter on the strength of media reports and we can make no definitive statement until we have in our hands what evidence there may be.

    Marinos said a further statement would be issued following the meeting with Western Province and UCT.

    Rapport newspaper reported on Sunday that Watson had said he’d wanted to vomit on his Springbok jersey.

    Equality Court
    Afriforum meanwhile said it had sent a letter to both Watson and the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Sport, Butana Komphela.

    The CEO of Afriforum, Kallie Kriel, said in the letter they demanded that Watson withdrew his statement that the problem with SA rugby was “that it is controlled by Dutchmen».

    Afriforum said that if Watson refused to withdraw his statement, it intended having him summoned to the Equality Court on charges of hate speech.

    Watson allegedly made his hurtful statements regarding Afrikaners when he appeared as a guest speaker at the Umbumbo Rugby Festival at the University of Cape Town on 3 October 2008.

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