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    What are the best gloves for rugby that have padded/reinforced tops? I broke my hand playing rugby and I’m now looking for gloves i can wear that are legal for rugby and will protect my hand from impacts. The gloves don’t have to be made for rugby. They just need to work.
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    You mean rugby gloves? If so those options are available for all rugby stocks — Kooga, Cant-berry etc.


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    IRB’s Regulations Of The Game ( in Chapter 12, «PROVISIONS RELATING TO PLAYER DRESS» state:

    (d) Fingerless Mitts

    Coverage of the fingers and thumbs be permitted to the outer joint but no
    further. The mitt zone of coverage should not continue beyond the wrist.

    The body of the mitt should be of a stretch type material with the grip
    material being made of a soft rubber/synthetic compound not exceeding a
    depth of 1mm.

    No part of a mitt should contain buttons or potentially dangerous items.

    There are then no other restrictions so far. So you can possibly take any type of glove that suits your needs (probably NOT rugby gloves available from stores) and just cut the fingers (not yours, gloves’ 🙂 ).

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