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    Dissappointed that had not met any bears on Moscow streets? Don’t be upset, cause we’ve got something for you. Join our Rugby Club Forum and meet our props head-on!
    RC Forum is probably the youngest and most developing amateur club in Moscow. It is a merger of two clubs, Forum itself and rugby section of MGTU im. Baumana (Moscow State Technical University). But players come from other Moscow high schools and clubs.
    We are open to everyone willing to play the game. No matter how old are you — we’ve got place for everyone.
    Games are played almost the whole year round. Our opponents are mostly students clubs from major Moscow universities. Currently we’ve benn playing in League B with a prospect to promote to a better level.
    This forum is a place where people gossip about rugby. Here you can find training schedule, make some plans for tonight, read/write rugby jokes. It is probably the most influental rugby forum in Moscow with lots of information, coaching advices, tactical information. People from other russian regions visit our discussion board for assistance. So undeniebly this is the most living rugby place on the web.


    Петр Драконы

    Looks like an attempt to hunt on Moscow Dragons’ grounds, which is not very fair. Moscow Dragons has been the home of expatriate rugby players coming to Moscow for a short or long time since 1997. Note that two maximumrugby abd VK (far awy) are full scale members of Moscow Dragons, while other Forum players are welcome.
    For the time being, Forum is not a club, but a rather sympathetic community, which may become club soimetimes in the future ‘I sincerely hope this).
    My personal opinion that Forum should not associate itself with MGTU, which should have different structure and objectives. Now, nobody prevents them to train and play together…



    Actually i didn’t mean to abuse someone. And after all it was just somewhat of a test message that will be edited after all your comments. But in my experience MDragons is more closed club (this autumn i emailed them and got some sort of refuse). And as i’ve heard (i don’t know if it’s true) it’s really hard for an unexperienced player to start there since they don’t have a regular trainings on skills and all that. And once we’ve had a discussion here on this board about joining Dragons. Not a positive one really. Speaking about MGTU i would say that unfortunately we don’t have a reasonable support from them in terms of players and finances. We’ve got only several players from this university in the core team. Nevertheless we cannot exist now without them since we train and play on their pitch.
    So, once again i’m asking you and everyone to send their comments on this topic.
    and apologize for any wrong information


    Петр Драконы

    We never refuse players. Usually people have a chance to play with us, but of course in official matches it depends on skills.
    This is a fact we do not train regularly this time as we do not have a suitable ground or indoor facility. But the training (at least once per week, possibly two) will resume as soon as we will find one and the weather will allow it (next week?).
    I did not comment on maximumrugby statement that forwards do not have chances with Dragons. This is simply not true. Everyone has a chance. Of course people enrolling with the club for at least one season (i.e. pays up membership and participates) will have priority.
    Happy to discuss it any time (I will be back in Moscow next week), as I discuss it regularly with Valera.



    2Kir: As far as I can see there is nothing wrong with your first message in the English forum. I’ll try to add a link to the English Forum to the main page as soon as possible.


    1) To be honest, I don’t see something ‘unfair’ in Kir’s message (regarding Dragons). We have no plans to transform ‘Forum’ to some kind of expatriate rugby club and we have no plans to entice the MD players into the Forum. But I’m not sure it is ‘unfair’ if there are foreign players in our team…

    This English part of the Rugby Forum was created especially for the foreign people, who wants to comment our site and for the foreign Forum members/supporter as well (currently there are at least three guys, who may be interested in such a forum).

    There are only two ‘amateur’ RCs in Moscow: MD and Forum and we are trying to promote not only the Forum, but MD as well (take a look at Forum description or links — there are links to the MD site.

    2) Currently Forum is very young, but it is growing with fantastic speed, so I’m pretty sure: Forum will become a real rugby club very soon.

    2All: Sorry for my ugly English!

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