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    Forum RFC 2 vs Slava Youth

    First of all I would like to thank Kir for refereeing the match and keeping things fair and disciplined.
    The match was played with great enthusiasm from both teams and a lot of respect goes to the youngsters from Slava who fought well against heavy odds.

    1st Half
    After a good warm up and a fiery team talk Forum took to the field fully prepared to hit hard from the start. With ferocious rucking our forwards dominated the opening minutes which soon ended in a rolling maul going over the line for the first try.
    From the restart the constant bombardment continued with good work especially from big Vasily. Tactics employed by Commun at scrum and Pahom as pack leader were well performed. Knowing the opposite team were young and fast kept the ball safe and moving forward. When the ball was released to the backs it went quickly through the hands making use of good running lines. Durden playing out of position in the backs making dangerous forward runs was always a threat.
    After quick hands again in the backs resulting in another try the pack still full of energy took control of the match giving the opposite team little or no chance of scoring.

    20-0 ht

    2nd Half
    After a short team talk and two forced team changes with Vasily and Mad Max coming off to be replaced by Giuseppe and Kickoz Forum started the second half determined to do well again. As expected Slava tried their best to get back into the game, spreading the ball out wide but Forum hit back again scoring another try. Through determination Slava managed to score their only try of the match with a long breaking run from one of their backs. Minutes later a Slavo player beautifully intercepted a mistimed pass out in our wings, with an open field it looked like he was sure to score but for the legs of Wing who pulled him down short of the try line.
    Forum looking exhausted held on and still having most of the possession were relieved by the substitutes; Big thanks to Gio playing his first game in the Forum colours and of course Stolz and SerVas ( congratulations to Servas and Stolz making there first debut in Rugby!!!). Two tries from the Italian Stallion Giuseppe secured a great first win for Forum RFC 2.

    35-5 won

    Man of the Match;
    Commun (Dmitri), outstanding effort using good ball from the forwards and great vision.
    Durden, for his Tasmanian Devil style of play!

    Donkey of the Match unfortunately goes to Giuseppe the kicking prop, ten yards out looking for his third try uses his foot and not his head!

    Thank you to the whole team for playing a good game of rugby.

    Disclaimer; any information above that may not be fully accurate or if I have made any mistakes in peoples names I appologise.



    Forum RFC 2 vs MIFI + MGTU

    Thanks to Wing for organising the game and to all the Forum 2 players putting the effort in and making sure we had a full team present. Special thanks to the newcomers who after only a few training sessions put themselves forward to play a match!

    The game started very well for Forum, with a full strong side dominating play. Quick hands out in the backs lead to a well worked try from Mad Max. Even though Forum never played to their strengths, with the two Max’s in the centers pleading for the ball to come out to them, Forum used their forwards momentum to score two more tries. Towards the end of the first half MIFI strengthened their side and as we lost our good fly-half pulled back two late tries.

    17 — 12

    The fresh legs of the more experienced MIFI players started the second half too strong for Forum scoring three quick tries running wide around a slow tiring defense missing crucial tackles. Substitutes coming on were mostly the newer players and it only caused more pressure to be put on Forum by the confident opposition. MIFI looked dangerous on every attack and used long sweeping kicks behind the Forum defense to good use. With the introduction of Kir at fly some composure came back to the team and for the last fifteen minutes started to play with more attacking confidence scoring another try.

    Final score 22 — 44

    Man of the Match; (joint again)
    SerVas, reason for MOTM is simple, in his first game SerVas looked unsure and as he is a newcomer, in this second game he just got on with the job and after just a few training session showed he has the heart for the game. His instant reaction from a call to hit a stalled maul two meters out made sure our players were forced over the line to score a try. Improvement was 100%

    kobucha After losing three quick tries mostly due to missed tackles one of the newcomers came on to the wing position after itching to get into the game and with his first defensive play nailed the attacker with a perfect leg tackle taken straight off the training pitch and saved a try. Effort and great defensive skill 100%



    Aha! The second MOTM is kobucha. His name is Mitya. Congratulations!



    @valery_kondakoff wrote:

    Aha! The second MOTM is kobucha. His name is Mitya. Congratulations!

    Thanks Val!!

    Just explain ‘Man of the match’ voting system; this accolade does not always go to the best player in the team (because the same people will get it every week and I expect the good players to play good anyway every week !!) but to the person that performs above his normal average and shows to willingness to push his standards to a higher level.

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