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    Who are we? An amateur rugby club that takes part in an organised championship. I know we are not some big professional team playing for big money but we are not a bunch of losers. The club needs to become a team and play enjoyable competative rugby.

    Changes to be made;
    1/ An immediate review on committee members and their role and duties in the club and the targets ,
    2/ Delegation of certain duties given to first team members to improve their commitment to the club,(still nobody looking for sponsorship)
    3/ Make it public in the club exactly who the 1st team members are what is required of them,
    4/ Bring in some discipline to members who think they can go training when they feel like it and expect to be in the team,
    5/ We have proper rugby shirts and a match ball, you only wear match kit when you deserve it and you wear it with pride.


    1/ A complete stop to pure physical training for 1st and 2nd team players until they can pass, ruck, tackle, core skills! Physical excersise will be gained during the drills. When we become a more complete team then a more physical approach can be employed. If you are a good player and need more fitness then it is up to you in your own time to improve. For the sake of the team we need to learn core skills.
    If only two or three good players in the team have good core skills and we all go to fitness training then what happens to the other 20 players who need to improve core skills !!!!!! We need to walk before we can jump.

    2/ The coaches need to work together and decide on a long term plan that is good for the team.
    3/ The head coach under the positive cooperation from the committee ensures the training programme is performed,
    4/ Advice is taken from all members of the club but the final descision is made by the head coach under the confidence of the committee,
    5/ All problems or questions from players are always refered back to the coaches not the president or committee, only if the coaches can not resolve the problem should players moan to and be listened to by the president!

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