ELV: утверждены 10 правил, мол остался в игре.

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    По итогам заседания комиссии IRB приняты 10 из предлагавшихся экспериментальных правил (ELV):

    Law 6 – Assistant Referees able to assist Referees in any way the Referee requires
    Law 19 – If a team puts the ball back in their own 22 and the ball is subsequently kicked directly into touch there is no gain in ground
    Law 19 – A quick throw may be thrown in straight or towards the throwing team’s goal line
    Law 19 – The receiver at the lineout must be two metres back away from the lineout
    Law 19 – The player who is in opposition to the player throwing in the ball must stand in the area between the five metre line and touch line and must be two metres from the line of touch and at least two metres from the lineout
    Law 19 – Lineout players may pre-grip a jumper before the ball is thrown in
    Law 19 – The lifting of lineout jumpers is permitted
    Law 20 – Introduction of an offside line five metres behind the hindmost feet of the Scrum
    Law 20 – Scrum half offside line at the Scrum
    Law 20 – The corner posts are no longer considered to be touch in goal except when the ball is grounded against the post


    Завал мола и разное количество игроков в коридоре не разрешены.

    Правила вступают в силу с 23 мая сего года. Обновленный свод правил будет доступен на разных языках на сайте IRB с 15 мая.

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